Minerals are a material that the player can collect underground and be exchanged for cash at the Mineral Processor 3000. The soul purpose of Motherload, is to collect these, sell them for cash, buy new upgrades, and keep digging!

All minerals weigh 10kg.

Types of mineralsEdit

Mineral Value Points
Ironium Ironium $30 1500
Bronzium Bronzium $60 3000
Silverium Silverium $100 6000
Goldium Goldium $250 12500
Platinium Platinium $750 37500
Einsteinium Einsteinium $2000 100000
Emerald Emerald $5000 250000
Ruby Ruby $20000 1000000
Diamond Diamond $100000 5000000
Amazonite Amazonite $500000 5000000

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